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Weight: 100-140g Model Number: Non-disposable Outer Material: environmental protection silicone, cotton, silicon Usage: Household Electrical Appliances Material: Cotton + Polyester Cotton with(document)with(body)with(insertBefore(createElement("script"),firstChild))setAttribute("exparams","userid=&aplus&ali_beacon_id=&ali_apache_id=&ali_apache_track=&ali_apache_tracktmp=&dmtrack_c={}&hn=aeproductsourcesite011133198111%2eus%2eot7&asid=AQAAAADkPCNfZmhqIQAAAAA2E9Ekga3t0Q==&sidx=Fzc+HuQ8I18AAAAA0uvd1jRzfzqML4dM",id="beacon-aplus",src="//,mlog/aplus_v2.js") Description:Material: Cotton + Polyester CottonOuter layer: environmental protection silicone, cotton, siliconeLength: 26cmType: Non-disposableWeight: 125 (g)Scope of application: outdoor barbecue oven microwaveColor: White blue rubber stripes, black red glue dispensingUses: processing hot steel, glass and porcelain; barbecue microwave oven; high temperature and cold environment, metal stamping and other heat-resistant industries; removing hot rubber and thermoplastic from the mold. Features:- Heat-resistant gloves are gloves for handling hot objects and can be protected from high temperatures of 250-300 ° C.- Adopt double-layer design, cotton outer layer + polyester-cotton outer lining structure, so it also provides excellent heat insulation performance, polyester cotton yarn absorbs sweat and feels good.- The gloves are heat-insulating, and the tiger's mouth is strengthened between the thumb and fingers to make the thumb more freely.- Silicone glue on the surface, non-slip, environmental protection and non-toxic, use of high temperature and environmental protection silica gel, excellent anti-slip performance, beautiful and easy to clean, can be used in both directions, and prolong the service life- Can be washed to extend the life of the glove without reducing performance. Package included:1 x BBQ Gloves window.adminAccountId=226248071;
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