1 Piece New 90S Nostalgic 168 Pets in 1 Virtual Cyber Pet Toy Tamagotchis Electronic Pet

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Brand Name: OOTDTY Age Range: 2-4 Years Model Number: Jumping ball toy Battery: 2 * LR4G button battery Gender: Unisex Barcode: No Material: Plastic Animals: Rabbits Features: Educational Classification: Other Theme: electronic Warning: NO Item Type: Electronic Pets Item Type: Electronic Pets Unit Type: piece Package Weight: 0.059kg (0.13lb.) Package Size: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm (11.81in x 11.81in x 11.81in) Features:100% brand new and high qualityThis product is all plastic packaging, suitable for hanging in stores, supermarkets, as a gift to friends or children1. how to startAfter removing the segregator behind the fuselage, the electronic pet will automatically start, and the image of the pet will appear on the LCD screen. Press Select 1 and Select 2 to select one of the 168 pets you want to feed, and then press C to confirm.2. time patternIn feeding mode, press the C key to enter the time mode. The electronic pet time display is set to 12 hours, PM12:00 is the beginning of the day. In time mode, press the A and B keys at the same time to enter the time adjustment mode, when the screen will display "SET" (settings). Press Select 1 or Select 2 to adjust the number of hours: PM12, 1, 2,... 11; AM12, 1, 2... 11, PM12... Press the C key to adjust the number of minutes: 00, 01... 59, 00, 01... After setting up the time, press the B key to confirm the storage. During the setting of the time, the setting will be temporarily interrupted until the pet has a need or a weather mutation, and returns to the feeding mode or the weather pattern. Press C to exit time setting mode and return to feeding mode.3. the growth of petsAfter removing the spacer behind the fuselage, the LCD screen displays the image of the pet. Press Select 1 and Select 2 to select your favorite pet and press C to confirm. Then the screen shows a dynamic picture of the pet ready to be born, accompanied by music. After a short period of time, the pet will be born. Data on age, feeding and sleep at birth were all shown to be zero. Postnatal pets have physical and psychological needs. When the owner meets his pet's needs in a timely manner, he will grow up smoothly. If the owner takes care of the pet, he can grow up to 20 years old and then say "Bye-bye" to you.The electronic pet will start when the isolator is pulled out! Congratulations! Now that you are the owner of this electronic pet, this lovely pet needs your care. Read the instructions below to learn how to take care of a pet.Turn on the power4. choose pets(1) Press A or E to select a pet. Here are 168 pets for you to choose from.(2) After the screen display 168, an optional pet will appear. Press A to show the next pet on the screen, then press B to continue to show the next pet.(3) press the C key to confirm the selection.5. setting time(1) press the C key to enter the time mode.(2) In time mode, press the A key to set the number of hours, press the B key to set the number of minutes. AM/PM changes automatically according to the number of hours selected.(3) after setting up, press the C key to confirm the preservation.6. Before the birth of a pet, the screen will display a flickering egg figure, accompanied by the birth of a pet, you will hear the "birthday song" music.* At this stage, pets are one year old and weigh 300 grams.Overall description(left chart)Reset RESETSelect SELECTState STATUS revoke CANCELDecide on DECIDE(right picture)Use 2 * LR4G button batteryFunction1.feeding3 optionsStaple food / dinner: 4 times a day.Dessert: feed up to 10 times a day.Water: feed up to 10 times a day.After each feeding, the pet's weight will increase by 10 grams. The two signs indicate that pets refuse to eat and pets eat too much, respectively.Play gamesPress the B key to enter the game. With the sound of music, the screen will display such a sign. Press A to move to the left and B to the right. After winning the game, there will be loud and cheerful music sounds, the screen will show, and sometimes there will be a deep melody, unhappy expression. There are 9 different mood patterns in a pet.Listen to the musicAfter entering the mode, the sign will be displayed. Press the B button to confirm that a melody will be played immediately. After a piece of music, the pet becomes very happy, corresponding to mood patterns, there will be signs. Press the B key to listen to the next music. There are 4 Music cycles in all.2.scissors stone clothPress the A button to select the game, press the B button to confirm, when the music sounds, while showing the logo. Press the A key, the logo will disappear, press the A key twice, the logo will show, press the A key three times, the logo will show. Press the B button to confirm that the display will display the marker of the stone scissors randomly; press the C button to withdraw. After winning the game, there will be loud and cheerful music sounds, the screen will show, and sometimes there will be a deep melody, unhappy expression. There are 9 different mood patterns in a pet.3. DancePets refuse to dance when they are hungry (shortly after birth, snacks show up as 0). After entering this mode, the logo will appear, press the B button to confirm that a music will be played, and the logo will flicker up and down. At the end of a piece of music, the pet becomes happy, the screen shows, and the mood index increases. After dancing three times in a row, the mood index increases by one grade. Press the B button and start the next music. There are 4 Music cycles in all.4.CleaningWhen a pet poops, he loses 30 grams of weight and signs appear. Select the cleaning function, which will be displayed. Playing games and feeding won't work until you've cleaned up. You'll just have to look at the process, time, and sleep. If you choose the cleaning function when you don't need it, the pet will shake its head and say no.5.treatmentWhen a sign appears indicating that the pet is sick, a therapeutic function should be used. When a pet receives treatment, and the sign becomes a sign of happiness. If a pet is using a healing function when it is healthy, the pet will shake his head to deny it.6.processPress the A button and it will show that you can view the food and health status. Press the A button twice to check the sleep status and display the sign. Press the A button three times, you can see the age and weight, display signs. Click the A button again to see the mood index and display the logo.7.sleepSigns are displayed when entering sleep mode. Press A to change the direction of lying down, press B to choose the day and night. If you choose night, the pet will sleep until you press daylight mode. During sleep, all other functions are disabled, except the ability to view the process.Alert warningWhen your pet needs to be taken care of, there is a music of reminder. Look at the state to see what the pet needs. Pets get sick when the health index is only half the value; pets die if they weigh less than 40 grams. When you win the game, your mood index increases by one level. Listening to music and dancing also increases the mood index. Dancing three times in a row increases the fitness index by one grade. When a pet feels hungry, it refuses to dance.* As the pet grows by one year, the body weight automatically increases by 300 grams.Color: Random delivery (If you buy more than one,the color you received may be the same color or different colors) Sales Way : Retail and WholesaleSize: One SizeLength: 5.5cm (2.17in)Width: 5.5cm (2.17in)Height: 1.5cm (0.59in)Quantity:1PC Note:If you have big quantity , please feel free to contact me, I will give you best discount, thanks! Size For Manual Measurement, there may be a 0 to 2 cm error, belongs to the normal phenomenon.And due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!Package includes: 1 x Electronic Pet  window.adminAccountId=230660208;
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