Hohner Big River 10 Hole Harmonica Bules Diatonic Harp, Sound wild Harmonica Key C Blues

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Brand Name:CINDYMUSICSTATIONMPronunciation Method:DiatonicTone:CNumber of Bores:10Cover Material:Chrome-plated Copper BoardCover Material:nullBody Material:ResinType:harmonicaNumber of Keys:10Number of Keys:null start SUZUKI EZR-20 Easy Rider 10 Hole Diatonic Blues Ha...US $9.99 [12 Keys] Suzuki Diatonic Harmonica 1072 New Silve...US $8.19 EASTTOP T002 Diatonic Harmonica10-Hole Armonica Bl...US $23.19 Easttop Professional T008K Harmonica Diatonic 10 H...US $16.99 Suzuki SU-24 Traditional 24 Hole Dual Note Tremolo...US $54.99 EASTTOP Translucent Color Harmonica / 10 holes har...US $5.24 EASTTOP 10 Holes Harmonica Neck Holder Mouth Organ...US $10.99 Suzuki SHH-10R 10-Hole Harmonica Harness / 10-Hole...US $35.99 High Quality Wood Kazoo Instrument Ukulele Guitar ...US $4.29 12 Holes Ocarina Legend of Zelda Alto C Flute Occa...US $29.99 end EASY TO BUY, EASY TO PLAY! - Hohner 10 Hole Big River Diatonic Harmonica  Big River Harp MS Push It To The Limit. Push it to the limit like Paul DeLay used to. This consistently reliable workhorse combines the highest German quality standards at a more affordable price. A plastic combed, MS version of the Marine Band style harp, it is a great everyday companion you can also take to the stage, where it holds its own in blues, rock and country playing. Replacement reed plates are available separately. Feature "C" key. The best key for beginners. Black plastic comb with recessed reed plates Concave covers with side vents 20 MS reeds Package including: 1pc* harmonica  
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